Rt. Rev. Dr. Selviste Punnumuthan  

Bishop of Punalur


Mobile: +91- 09436143316

Regional coordinator

Fr. Gregory Arby


Mobile: 09495341124



Number Name of the Dioceses No. of parishes Parishes with SCCs No. of SCCs Name of the Coordinator Name of the Bishop
01 Alappuzha   56   1120  Rev. Fr. Joy Puthenveettil Rt. Rev. Dr. Stephen Athipozhiyil
02 Calicut 46 12 520 Rev. Fr. Franson C.R Most Rev. Dr.Varghese Chakkalakkal
03 Cochin  41   1126 Rev. Fr. Varghese Cheruthiyil  Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kariyil
04 Kannur 56 28 556 Rev. Fr. Shaju Antony Tharammel Rt. Rev. Dr. Alex Vadakkumthala
05 Kottappuram 39 14 615 Rev. Fr. Clifford Antony Puliyamkulam Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Karikkassery
06 Neyyattinkara Parishes 83/
Substation 74 =157
157 1525 Rev. Fr. Ajeesh Christhudas C.L Rt. Rev. Dr. Vincent Samuel
07 Puanalur Parishes44/
substations59 = 103
103 358 Rev. Fr. Baiju M. Vincent Rt. Rev. Dr. Selvister Ponnumuthan
08 Quilon   118   1798 Rev. Fr. Baiju Julian Rt. Rev. Dr. Stanley Roman
09 Sultanpet   21     Rev. Fr. Sagaya Veendhan Rt. Rev. Dr. Antonysamy Peter Abir
10 Trivandrum 83 32 2113 Rev. Fr. Michael Thomas Most. Rev. Dr. M. Soosa Pakiam
11 Verapoly 78 100 2025 Rev. Fr. Antony Arackal Most. Rev. Dr. Francis Kallarakkal
12 Vijayapuram 82 80 1628 Rev. Msgr. Jose Navez Puthenparambil Rt. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Thekethecheril  

                                                                                            Total SCCs - 13383

1. Members of Regional Service Team for SCCs.

 Bishop Selvister Ponnumuthen Chairman, Fr. Gregory R.B, Secretary, &

Diocesan directors: Fr. Shaju Antony from Kannur, Fr. Franson from Calicut, Fr. Vimal Arogyaraj from Sultanpet, Fr. Clifford from Kottappuram, Fr. Antony Arackal from Varapuzha, Fr. Sibichan from Kochi, Fr. Joy Puthenveettil from Apappuzha, Fr. Baiju M. Vincent from Punalur, Fr. Joseph Sugun from kollam, Fr. Muthappan from Thiruvananthapuram and Fr. Ajeesh from Neyyattinkara.

2. The Service Team gathers three times in a year.

3.  In Kerala Region, we have planned a Regional Convention and Mission a congress in 2017 October 13,14, 15. As a preparation for this Mission Congress, we have planned a three level renewal programme for the Kerala Latin Church. It already started from 2015 October. First part of the renewal programme focused on the renewal of parish level activities. In the second level renewal, we are focusing on the renewal of all the diocesan level activities.

4. We have introduced the ministry system through BCCs so that the BCCs will be more active and participatory. This ministry system is already in place. As a part of strengthening the ministry system in the diocesan level, we are going to conduct ministry gathering in our preparation we are going to focus on the Kerala level renewal activities.

5.  Our BCC Convention and Mission Congress will be strengthened the BCC activities and through the preparation activities, we hope to evolve the future activities.

6.  We have an active Regional Resource Team.

7.  This resource team will generally meet twice in a year.

8. Last year we conducted a training program for the resource persons and now they are forming and training resource teams in their own respective dioceses. Through the training they could strengthen the BCC leaders and ministry representatives by imparting the knowledge on the ministries and thus the ministry activities become fruitful. The ministry is becoming a good platform for the activities of BCC’s. They also aim at establishing participating leadership styles in the church.

9. Through the activities of Resource Team and the Service Team members could reach out to all our BCC members.

Kerala latin Church has been united in the pastoral activities through the Kerala Region Latin Catholic Council (KRLCC). KRLCC has chosen its basic goal as strengthening grass root communities during the last six years. BCC service team was trying to unite all the BCCs with same structure and same vision. Hence, we could succeed in forming the Kerala Latin Church with one vision and one structure. Through the Bcc activities we could motivate the church leaders about the need of establishing a participatory Church in Kerala Latin Church. We also have given training on the method of planning and budgeting in all the parishes. Since the ministry system have been implemented, BCCs become more alive and thereby more participatory.

Through the Mission Congress and BCC convention, we hope to bring out ten years plan for the Kerala Latin Church from 2017 onwards. In various levels we have initiated the discussions for the ten year plan of action. All the commission secretaries will present this ten year plan of action in the convention and their presentations will be determining the future path of Kerala BCC activities. We are busy with empowering the BCC activities through ministries in view of forthcoming mission congress and BCC convention.

NST Meets Kerala Regional Team

NST met Kerala Regional Team in the Pastoral Center of Ernakulam from 6th to 7th of June 2016. The purpose of the meeting was :

  • to build relationships
  • to have a first hand information about the Region for NST members
  • To share information, methods, success and struggles.
  • to find ways and means to have more collaboration between the Regional and National teams.

NST listens to the report of Kerala SCC in the SCC unit on 6.6.2016


NST with SCCs in the Grass root level SCCs


    By the grace of God with great enthusiasm BCC had been functioning to its utmost. All the 12 Latin dioceses of Kerala have taken up the activities of BCC and smooth functioning of its has been seen in all these dioceses. The Bishops of each dioceses are supporting the activities of the BCC at the fullest.

Core committee Meeting on 28th November 2014

    From each dioceses the BCC directors is selected a core committee and gathered them on 28th November 2014 at POC under the chairmanship of Bp. Selvister Ponnumuthen. 65 members are participated in this meeting. The discussed about BCC convention and Mission Congress and the parish level process in being evaluated. Rev. Fr. Rufus took a session on how the parish renewal can be further realized and Rev. Fr. Christy Pathyala took a session on the way in which the statistics of the Latin can be taken under in all the BCCs. It was decided that all the dioceses should have a steering committee for the BCC convention and Mission Congress.  

Core Committee Meeting on 9th December 2014

    A meeting of the committee for the convention and Mission Congress with BCC commission members of diocese was held on 9th December 2014 at Ashirbhavan. 60 members are participated in that meeting. Bp. Selvister Ponnumuthan was present for the meeting. After evaluating the parish level renewal programmes in the diocese have started the ways of strengthening diocesan level steering committees. It was decided to form the ministry structures in all the dioceses.  A hand book will be printed and published to help the dioceses to form the ministry structures certain dioceses were identified where the prayers and official inauguration of the preparation for the BCC Convention and Mission Congress.

Core Committee Meeting on 12 January 2015

    A meeting of the core committee for the BCC Convention and the Mission Congress with the BCC commission members was held on 12th January 2015 at POC. Bp. Selvister Ponnumuthan and BP. Joseph Karikkassery were Participating in this meeting. 45 members were present for the meeting. The general evaluation was conducted in the meeting. It was decide to have  a meeting of the six ministry coordinators and to have a general idea of the ministry structure envisaged by KRLCC.

BCC Diocesan Directors & Commission Members Meeting on 19th February 2015
    A meeting of BCC diocesan directors and commission members was held on 19th February 2015 at Carmelgiri KRLCC office. 10 directors were present in the meeting. The meeting  evaluated the various activities of the different dioceses.

Ministry Coordinators Meeting on 10th & 11th March 2015

    The ministry coordinators of all the dioceses have been gathered for training on 10th & 11th March 2015 at Atmadarshan, Aluva. 70 coordinators were participated in the meeting. The Chairman of Keraboard and Kudumbashreee activist  Shri. T.K. Jose  was resource person of this meeting. He present the ways and means of strengthening  the ministries through various activities. The directors of sis ministries gathered separately with their own diocesan vise and discussed the4 structure envisaged by KRLCC. It was decided that all the coordinators will go back to the respective dioceses and implement the decision made by the KRLCC. Bp. Joseph Karikkassery celebrated Holy Mall for all. Then a meeting of all the executive members for the BCC Convention and the Mission Congress with the BCC commission members was held at Atmadarshan, Aluva on 12th March 2015 under the Chairmanship of B. Selvister Ponnumuthan. The meeting discussed about the ministry coordinators suggestions and ways means of implementing them. The family, youth, proclamation, ecumenism and dialogue and laity commission secretaries presented their own programmes of parish level.

Executive Committee Meeting on 27th March 2015

    An executive committee meeting held at Carmelgiri Seminary Auditorium on 27th March 2015. 16 members were present in this meeting. The meeting evaluated the first phase of activities in view of Convention and Mission Congress which are already in progress. The membership of lay associations in the parish council is to be fixed by the diocese according to the active participation of the lay organization in that particular diocese. The ratio of women in the parish council was discussed and it was decided that each diocese should make sure that the women are properly represented in the parish council. The media commission will continue to part of education ministry. The family commission members should be preferably from the married people. In the youth commission it is better to have one male and one female. In the education  ministry  the following 4 areas should be highlighted  corporate management  higher education improvement of academic quality  and history and heritage. The working g areas of laity and labor commissions are fixed and laity commission will prepare the guidelines for the various forum which may come under the laity commission.
Core Committee Meeting on 11th June 2015                                
    The meeting of the core committee for the convention  and Mission Congress with the BCC commission members were held on 11th June 2015 at Ashirbhavan. 30 members were present for the meeting. Pro. Eby Tellas from the Loyola College of Trivandrum was the resource person of this meeting. The general evaluation was conducted in the meeting. It was decide to have a meeting of the different commissions, will conduct in different dioceses. This meeting will conduct under the BCC commission of the dioceses, with diocesan steering committee and other committees of the  diocese.

Core Committee Meeting on 3rd September 2015

    The meeting of the core committee for the Convention and Mission Congress with the BCC commission members of dioceses was held on 3rd  September 2015 at POC. 39 members are participated in this meeting. B. Selvister Ponnumuthan was present for the meeting. The diocesan directors were present the evaluation report of their own diocesan BCC activities. The meeting discussed about Convention and Mission Congress, and taking decisions for the success of BCC Convention and Mission Congress 2017.
Core Committee Meeting on 7th Dec. 2015

    A meeting of the core committee for the Convention and Mission Congress with the BCC  commission members was held on 7th December 2015 at Ashirbhavan. Bp. Selvister Ponnumuthen was present for the meeting. 45 members are participated  in the meeting. The diocesan BCC directors and commission members were present the report of the diocesan activities for the convention. Rev. Msgr. James Culas was the moderate of the meeting. It was decided all the dioceses collect Rupees 50/- from each BC unit and send to the KRLCC office for the convention expense.

Diocesan  steering committee 


1.    Rt. Rev. Msgr. G. Christudas
    Vicar General, Coordinator of Ministries
    Bishop’s House, Neyyattinkara
    Aralummood P.O
    Tvm. 695 123

2.    Rev. Fr. Ajeesh Christudas C.L
    Christ King Church
    Kattakkada P.O
    Trivandrum 695 572

3.    Rev. Dr. Christudas Thomson
    Director, Board for Youth Ministry
    Logos Pastoral Centre, San Jose Nagar
    Neyyattinkara, Tvm – 695 121

4.    Rev. Fr. Anil Kumar S.M.
    Director, Board for Social Action Ministry
    Logos Pastoral Centre, San Jose Nagar
    Neyyattinkara, Tvm – 695 121
5.    Rev. Fr. Johny K. Lawrence
    Director, Board for Education Promotion
    Logos Pastoral Centre, San Jose Nagar
    Neyyattinkara, Tvm – 695 121

6.    Rev. Dr. Nixon Raj Xavier
    Director, Board for Pastoral Ministry
    Logos Pastoral Centre, San Jose Nagar
    Neyyattinkara, Tvm – 695 121
7.    Rev. Dr. Shajkumar
    Director, Board for Laity Ministry
    Logos Pastoral Centre, San Jose Nagar
    Neyyattinkara, Tvm – 695121

8.    Rev. Dr. Vincent R.P
    Director, Board for Family Ministry
    Logos Pastoral Centre, San Jose Nagar
    Neyyattinkara, Tvm- 695 121


1    .Msgr. Peter Chadayangad
        2.    Rev.Fr. Mathew Puthiyath
            St. Joseph’s Church
            Cochin -682506

3.    Rev. Fr. Varghese Cheruthiyil
       Director, Alpha Pastoral Centre
       Edacochin – 682010

4.    Rev.Fr.Marian arackal
    Cochin Social Service Society
    Veli, Fort Cochin
    Cochin – 682 001

5.    Rev. Fr. Joppy Koottumkal
    St. George’s Church
    Cherthala – 688 530

6.    Rev. Fr. Meltas Chacko Kollassery
    St. Louis Church
    Cochin – 682 507

7.    Rev. Fr. Josy Kandanattuthara
    St. Antony’s Church
    Cochin – 682 008

8.    Joe Ambalathunkal
    Ambalathunkal House
    Harijan Smasanam Road
    Kumbalanghi, Kochi – 682007
9.    Adv. Josy Xavier    9447137799

10.    Mr. Dalfine    9846081688

11.        Mr. Joy C. Kambakkaran

12.        Mr. Edward Edezhath    9447078533

13.        Miss. Pushpy    9895235264

14.        Mrs. Molly Michael    9539770633




Rev. Fr. Franson C.R
Sacred Heart Church
Kalpetta, Wayanad-673 121
Kerala ,India
Ph: 04936 – 202201, Mob.9562222398


Rev. Fr. Shaju Antony Tharammel
St. Antony’s Church
Thayyil, Kannur Dt. -670 003
Kerala, India
Ph: 0497-2732797, Mob.9961882522


Rev.Fr. Antony Arackal
St. Sebastian’s Church
Edayakkunnam, S. Chittoor
Cheranelloor P.O – 682 027
Kerala, India
Ph: 0484-2431314, Mob:9745512033

Rev.Fr. Varghese Cheruthiyil
Director, Alpha Pastoral Centre,
Edacochin, Cochin – 682010
Kerala, India
Ph: 0484-2328077, Mob: 8547723791


Rev. Fr. Baiju M. Vincent
St.Mary’s  Latin Church
Charummoodu P.O 690 505
Alappuzha Dt., Kerala India


Rt. Rev. Msgr. Jose Navez Puthenparambil
Chaplain, Holy Family Church
Muttambalam P.O
Kottayam – 686 004
Ph:0481 – 2571878, Mob:9446119427

Rev. Fr. Baiju julian
Bishop Catalani Centre, Anjali Road
Sasthri Junction, Kollam – 691 001
Kerala, India
Ph:0474 – 2766471, Mob:9497721333

Rev. Fr. Joy Puthenveettil
Karmasadan Pastoral Centre
Sacred Heart Seminary Campus
Alappuzha – 688 001
Mob: 9288855690

Rev. Fr. Muthappan Appoli
St. Antony’s Church
Kochuthura, Puthiyathura P.O
Trivandrum – 695 526, Kerala India
Mob: 9495244790


Rev. Fr. Vimal Arokiaraj
St. Antony’s Church
Ambattupalayam, Chittoor Collage P.O
Chittur, Palakkad – 678104
Ph: 04923 – 224180, Mob: 9645234566
Rev. Fr. Ajeesh Christudas C.L
Christ King Church
Kattakkada P.O
Trivandrum – 695572
Mob. 8301034987

Rev. Fr. Clifford Antony Puliyamkulam
Nithya Sahaya Matha Church
Chennamangalam – 683 512
Ernakulam Dt, Kerala, India
Mob: 9037960589



Diocesan Ministry Coordinators



Rev. Msgr. Pius Arattukulam        Education
Rev. Fr. Sebastian Punnackal        Youth    
Rev. Fr. Simon Kurisinkal            Pastoral            
Rev. Fr. Berleigh Veliyakam        Family
Rev. Fr. Nelson Thyparambil        Laity
Rev. Fr. Xavier Kudiyamssery        Social
Rev. Fr. Joy Puthenveettil            B C C


Rev. Fr. Sha Kumar D            Laity
Rev. Fr. Anilkumar S.M            Social
Rev. Fr. Christudas Thomson        Youth
Rev. Fr. Johny K. Lawrence        Education
Rev. Fr. Nixon Raj Xavier            Pastoral
Rev. Fr. Vincent R.P            Family
Rev. Fr. Ajeesh Chistudas C.L        B C C


Rev. Fr. Paulson Simethy            Pastoral
Rev. Antony Bibu                Family
Rev. Fr. Antony Raphael            Social
Rev. Fr. Denny Mathew            Education
Rev. Fr. Martin Thaiparambil        Laity
Rev. Fr. Jacob Liju Mathirappilly        Youth
Rev. Fr. Antony Arackal            B C C

Rev. Msgr. Dominic Pinheiro        VG, Laity
Rev. Fr. Benjamin Jaiju            Pastoral
Rev. Fr. Antony Chillitassery        Education
Rev. Fr. Nixon Kattassery            Social
Rev. Fr. Jose S Kottapuram        Youth
Rev. Fr Johnson Rocha             Family
Rev. Fr. Cliford Antony            B C C


Rev. Msgr. Antony Pius Edezhath
Rev. Fr. George Painadath        Family
Rev. Fr. Clarence Paliath            Education
Rev. Fr. Thomson Kottiyath        Youth
Rev. Fr. Mathew Kuzhimalayil        Laity
Rev. Fr. Jilson Panackal            Social
Rev. Fr. Christie M.                Bible


Rev. Fr. Varghese Kottakkattu        Pastoral
Rev. Fr. George Peedikaparambil    Family
Rev. Fr. Denny Joseph            Social
Rev. Fr. Paul Denny Ramachamkudy    Education
Rev. Fr. Shinto Thomas
    Veleeparambil            Youth
Rev. Fr.Dominic Savio
    Kandathichirayil            Laity
Rev. Fr. Jose Navez


Rev. Fr. Pius Mallier            Social
Rev. Fr. Franklin Francis            Youth
Rev. Fr. Joseph John            Education
Rev. Fr. Jose Sebastian            Laity
Rev. Fr. Benjamin Palliyadiyil        Family
Rev. Fr. Alphonse S.            Pastoral
Rev. Fr. Francis John            B C C


Rev. Fr. Sam Shine                Pastoral
Rev. Fr. Shajan Valavil            Youth
Rev. Fr. Christy Joseph            Education
Rev. Fr. Stephen Thomas            Laity
Rev. Fr. Philsondas Yesudasan        Family
Rev. Fr. Joy Samuel            Social
Rev. Fr. Francis John            B C C


Rev. Fr. Sebastian Karakkat        Family
Rev. Fr. Martin Elenjiparambil        Laity
Rev. Fr. Johnson Avarave            Education
Rev. Fr. Jiju Palliparambil            Youth
Rev. Fr. Alfred Vadakethundiyil        Social
Rev. Fr. Aloysius Kulangara        Pastoral
Rev. Fr. Franson C.R            B C C


Mission Congress & B C C Convention 2017


Core Committee Members
1.    Rev. Msgr. Antony Thachara
2.    Rev. Msgr. Jose Padiyaramparambil
3.    Rev. Msgr. Mathilamuthu
4.    Rev. Msgr. Thomas Panackal
5.    Rev. Msgr. Vincent S. D’Cruz
6.    Rev. Msgr. G. Christudas
7.    Rev. Msgr. Dominic Pinheiro
8.    Rev. Msgr. Devassy Erathara
9.    Rev. Msgr. Pius Arattukulam
10.    Rev. Msgr. Sebastian Poovathinkal
11.    Rev. Msgr. Eugine H. Perera
12.    Rev. Msgr. K.J. Jesudas
13.    Rev. Msgr. James Culas
14.    Rev. Msgr. Jose Navez
15.    Rev. Fr. Shaju Antony
16.    Rev. Fr. Franson C.R
17.    Rev. Fr. Clifford Antony
18.    Rev. Fr. Antony Arackal
19.    Rev. Fr. Varghese Cheruthiyil (Sibichan)
20.    Rev. Fr. Joy Puthenveettil
21.    Rev. Fr. Baiju M. Vincent
22.    Rev. Fr.Francis John
23.    Rev. Fr. Michael Thomas
24.    Rev. Ajeesh Christudas
25.    Rev. Fr. Sahu Varghese Kanichukunnath
26.    Rev. Fr. Josey Kandanattuthara
27.    Rev. Fr. Antony George Pattaparambil
28.    Rev. Fr. Peter Chadayangad
29.    Rev. Fr. Varghese Kottakkattu
30.    Rev. Fr. Thomas J Netto
31.    Rev. Fr. Sebastian Jecoby OSJ
32.    Rev. Fr. Antony Vipin Velikkakath
33.    Rev. Fr. Antony Thoppil
34.    Rev. Fr. Joy Kallarackal
35.    Rev. Fr. Stanly  Mathirappilly
36.    Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier Thannikkappilly
37.    Rev. Fr. Thomas Tharayil
38.    Rev. Fr. William Rajan
39.    Rev. Fr. Paul Sunny
40.    Rev. Fr. T.J Antony
41.    Rev. Fr. Cyprian Fernandez
42.    Rev. Sr. Jose Maria CSST
43.    Prof. Edward Edezhath
44.    Mr. Joseph Jude Arackal
45.    Mr. Thomas K. Stephen
46.    Mr. Shaji George
47.    Mr. Joe Ambalathinkal
48.    Mr. Sk. Alex
49.    Mr. Mathew Linchen Roy
50.    Mr. Babudas  M.
51.    Mr. Y. Sebastian
52.    Mr. Joseph Stanly
53.    Mr. Antony Noronha
54.    Mr. George S. Pallithura
55.    Mr. Emmanuel M
56.    Mrs. Jane Ancil
57.    Mrs. Cherupushpam
58.    Mrs. Jyothi Sony


BCC Activities of Kerala Region during the year 2015-16

BCC activities in the Latin Church of Kerala during the 2015-16 year were centered upon the second phase of renewal in view of the mission congress. It was mainly the diocesan level ministry gatherings. In all the 12 dioceses the ministry members of other dioceses gathered and such a 12 gatherings were conducted. It helped to deepen the ministry system in all the dioceses.

 The whole Kerala Latin Church is moving towards a mission congress and BCC convention on Oct 6, 7 and 8, 2017 at Vallarpadam in Ernakulam. In view of this mission congress and BCC convention, we have already initiated in the year 2014 a three level of preparation which reaches to the BCC. In the first year we have focused on the parish renewal. In the second year our concern was the diocesan level of renewal and in the third year, it is going to be the renewal of the whole of Kerala Latin Church through BCCs. If the parish wants to be renewed, it should be through the renewal of BCC activities. The BCCs are to be made more participatory and alive.  We have decided to make all the parish activities into a more participatory and dynamic. So we thought of bringing all the commission activities in BCC levels and from there to the parish level.  It is not easy to bring down all the commissions to all the BCCs so we have clustered all the Kerala level and diocesan level commissions into 6 ministries. All the commissions which directly in line with pastoral activities were brought under pastoral ministry, all the commissions which are related to educational level activities were brought under the education ministry; all the activities which are focused on families are brought under family ministry. All the youth activities are brought under your ministry and finally all the activities related laity are brought under the laity ministry. From one unit, first they elect officials and then the six ministry representatives. In the parish all the ministry representatives will have their gathering and from there they elect one coordinator who will be the member of the parish council.

As a preparation for the mission congress and mission congress we wanted to make one vision and structure in the whole of Latin Catholic Church of Kerala. After giving the vision and forming the same structure in all the parishes we were trying to renew the diocesan activities through the ministry gatherings.   In the ministry gatherings, in a particular diocese all those who are elected for that particular ministry will gather together to discuss and deepen the participatory approach and method of action. This kind of ministry gatherings is being held in various Latin dioceses.  
On the 16 October, 2016, we have inaugurated the final phase of preparation in all the cathedrals by lightening a mission candle, releasing the logo and with a special mass introduction and prayer of the faithful. On the 23 October, 2016, it was inaugurated in all the parishes and on 30th October it was inaugurated in all our 13600 BCC units. In connection with the final year of preparations, Kerala Latin bishops have already came up with a joint pastoral letter.

We are dedicating each month for a particular ministry and on such months we will be doing some study classes and certain renewal programmes in all the parishes. The month of January is dedicated for the pastoral ministry and all the activities come under pastoral life is going to be highlighted during this month.